Step Parenting

Create the Family of your Dreams!

Learn How to Blend Families in a Loving Way

For any single person or couple involved or intending to become involved in a step family situation.

Are you concerned that:
  • the step children may reject you?
  • there won’t be time for you?
  • there will be little time for privacy?
  • you may feel overwhelmed?
  • discipline issues may come up?
Have you ever heard:
  • “I won’t stay in this house if she/he is.”
  • “I don’t have to do what you say, you are not my father/mother.”
  • “I’m just visiting, I shouldn’t have to do chores.”
  • “I get to stay up late at Dad’s house.”
Step Parenting is one of the most challenging jobs there is…..YET

There hasn’t been training for step parents …. UNTIL NOW!  Learn More about our consulting and training on successful step parenting.

It takes more effort and COURAGE to be a step parent than a parent. Step parenting can cause feelings of confusion, resentment, and of being overwhelmed, discounted and ineffective.

Are you someone who:
  • wants to understand and enjoy the children?
  • desires to form a lasting and fulfilling blended family?
  • wants to be an effective step parent, avoiding the many common pitfalls?
  • wants to maintain a close couple relationship, while giving the children what they need?
  • wants to be aware of the issues before they arise?

Anticipating the issues and facing and dealing with current issues will help create a strong and rewarding stepfamily.

When you discover you are not alone, that your feelings and reactions are normal, you will be more effective as a step parent.

Pat Skinner is a very experienced and insightful coach, counseling and trainer for those who want to be better step parents.

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