FAQs re Seminars

1.   How big are your seminars?
Between 8 and 12 people attend each seminar.

2.   What happens if I miss a seminar?
If you must miss a seminar, there are several options available: you can make it up in the next session, your partner can tape record the session, or you can see me privately to catch up.

3.   Do you ever have weekend seminars?
No. I present each set of seminars on different evenings of the week. For example: the first 3 Tuesdays in March or the last 3 Thursdays in May. This allows those who can’t make a Tuesday evening seminar to attend the next group on a different day of the week.

4.   Do you have any follow up to the seminars?
Yes. I hold a once-a-month support group that focuses on current issues that arise.

5.   Do you come to other cities to present your seminars?
My seminars are in Denver, Colorado. However, I do telephone consultations for those who cannot attend due to distance.

6.   Could you give an overview of what the seminars cover?
Session 1 – Realistic and Achievable Expectations – Developmental Stages (“How long does it take to get it right?”)
Session 2 – Family dynamics – Dealing with ex-spouses.
Session 3 – Specific issues: Discipline, Protectionism, Loyalty issues